September 25, 2006

SourceGrid - Open Source C# Grid Control

SourceGrid - Open Source C# Grid Control
SourceGrid is a free open source grid control. Supports virtual grid, custom cells and editors, advanced formatting options and many others features

SourceGrid is a Windows Forms control written entirely in C#, my goal is to create a simple but flexible grid to use in all of the cases in which it is necessary to visualize or to change a series of data in a table format. There are a lot of controls of this type available, but often are expensive, difficult to be customize or not compatible with. NET. The Microsoft DataGrid for me is too DataSet orientated and therefore results often complicated to use in the cases in which the source data isn't a DataSet and often is not enough customizable.

I want to thank Chirs Beckett, Anthony Berglas, Wayne Tanner, Ernesto Perales, Vadim Katsman, Jeffery Bell, Gmonkey, cmwalolo, Kenedy, zeromus, Darko Damjanovic, John Pierre and a lot of other persons who helped me with code, bugs report and with new ideas and suggestions.

This control is compiled with the Microsoft Framework. NET 1.1 and reference the assembly SourceLibrary.dll, this is a small library with common functionality. I introduced this dll in the ZIP file, but is possible to download the entire code and the last binary from the site For use SourceGrid is necessary have Visual Studio.NET 2003 or a compatible development environment.

The last version of this control is downloadable from site If you have problems, ideas or questions write me to .

In this article I will want to supply a panoramic on the utilization and on the functionality of the control SourceGrid, for the details on the classes, properties or methods you can consult the documentation in CHM format or the example project in the ZIP file.

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