October 31, 2006

Кодировки символов и как с ними бороться в PHP и JavaScript.

Кодировки символов и как с ними бороться в PHP и JavaScript.
Поговорим о кодировках символов, используемых в браузерах, и работе с ними в серверных и клиентских скриптах.
Для начала - небольшой обзор кодировок, немного теории, позже перейдем к проблемам и их решению.

October 19, 2006

Як працювати з інфостором?

Детальна інфа тут


whatmon: Mozilla Extension for Monitoring Whatever

I spend a good part of any day in my favorite web browser, and even if I don't see its whole window, the lower right part of the status bar is always visible under a pile of other application windows (mostly SSH sessions). That status bar is the ideal place to put up a small monitor with which I can keep an eye on a number of important servers, without having to wait for alerts sent to me by Nagios.

Далі: http://blog.fupps.com/documents/mozilla-extensions/whatmon-mozilla-extension-for-monitoring-whatever/

October 10, 2006

SharpForge - Open source C# SourceForge implementation

SharpForge supports collaborative development and management of multiple software projects. Similar to SourceForge or CodePlex but for your own team or organisation. The software is written in C# for .NET 2.0 is integrates with Subversion for source control and is released under the New BSD License.

October 8, 2006

Відключити в аутлуку перевірку небезпечних атачментів

  • Start the registry editor by pressing the Start button, Run, typing regedit and pressing OK.
  • In Registry Editor, expand, in turn:
    11.0 (Office 2003. For Office XP, expand "10.0")
    Expand each entry by clicking on the boxed plus sign to it's left. If that's a boxed minus sign, then it's already expanded.
  • Now click on the Security entry.
  • On Registry Editor's menu bar, select Edit, New, and String Value.
  • Replace the default name of "New Value #1" with "Level1Remove".
  • Right-click on Level1Remove and select Modify.
  • Enter the list of file extensions that you want to gain access to. The list is semi-colon separated. For example if you wanted to allow access to both ".url" and ".exe" files, then you would enter ".url;.exe".
  • Exit Registry Editor, and you're done. You may need to restart Outlook if it was running while you were doing this.