September 25, 2006


A flexible toolbar very much like the toolbar in FireFox Options dialog.

I started this project when I needed something like the toolbar in FireFox's Options dialog in one of my other projects. This is where the name came from. I looked around but couldn't find any control that had what I needed so I decided to write my own.

Another benefit of writing this control was that it gave me the opportunity to play around with some of the techniques used in control creation, i.e., Designers, TypeConverters and TypeEditors. I will not go into code details (that's what the source code is for) but I will try to mention a little about the techniques used.

I took a lot of hints from Matthew Hall's Themed Taskbar for general design and use of collections, and I also borrowed John O' Byrne's excellent Imagelistpopup control, modified it slightly and used it in my image dropdown editor.

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